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giftGRÜN Digitalagentur

giftGRÜN Digitalagentur

Websites and digital brand management for businesses,
associations, and charitable organizations.

giftGRÜN Webseite

giftGRÜN advertising agency

How can you take online donations to mobile devices? What added value can an online community create for members of an organization? How can an education provider’s program be displayed on a tablet computer without a keyboard?

These are the sort of questions addressed by giftGRÜN – always with the aim of developing creative and innovative solutions that look good and work well.

Creative full service across all types of advertising and interactive media

The specialist online-media advertising agency in Aachen has belonged to the GRÜN Group since 2007. The core team includes 14 specialists. Marketing experts, designers, web designers, copywriters and developers work closely alongside giftGRÜN.

Within the GRÜN Group, the subsidiary of GRÜN Software AG advises customers about website design and provides the interface between customer, creation and technology.

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