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Business Process Outsourcing

outsource complete business processes

Business Process Outsourcing

In the area of Business-Process-Outsourcing, or BPO, we offer you the possibility to outsource complete business processes to us as a service provider.

Here we offer services for membership, donation and event management for organizations and for the purpose of general administrative management for enterprises. As regards content, besides consulting, the work areas of general administration, commercial administration, logistics, data qualification and IT are offered for outsourcings via GBS.

In the field of BPO we consider ourselves as a full-service-partner for our customers and provide very close and consulting support.

Membership Management

In the area of membership management we offer as a service the handling of membership administration, contribution collection and appeals for donations to members. We offer services ranging from the registration of new members, welcome letters, accounting, contribution collection, dunning to performing statistical analyses and consulting.

Donation Management

In the area of donation management we offer the handling of donation administration, donation accounting and various outsourcing and consulting services in fundraising.

Event Management

We will handle extensive administrative work in the context of (further) training courses and conferences offered by your organization or, if desired, the entire active planning and execution of your conferences.

In the area of event management we offer the handling of seminar and conference administration, event planning and execution.

Administrative Management for enterprises

In our administration outsourcing offers for enterprises we provide complete or only parts of procedural administration processes on behalf of our clients. Our services range from credit control, bookkeeping and payroll accounting to digitization.

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