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outsourcing of your IT infrastructure

IT outsourcing

Our IT-outsourcing offers are related to a possible outsourcing of your IT infrastructure to us.

We offer classic data processing center services such as the hosting of hardware and system software including web hosting or housing of IT-infrastructure. In the following we present our various services in the area of IT-outsourcing.

Basic Hosting and Managed Hosting

The hosting segment is divided into “Basic Hosting” as the standard service and “Managed Hosting” as a specialized service, which are offered in conjunction with the GRÜN VEWA product family.

The service portfolio ranges from mail-server services, to web space for operating Internet sites, to virtual and dedicated servers that are administrated by the customers themselves.

Managed Hosting services are offered directly via GRÜN Business Services. These services are optimized for the deployment of the Internet-based management system GRÜN eVEWA and offer various additional services, such as an intelligent, selective back-up of partial data. All offers described in the following refer to this segment:

  • Managed ASP-Hosting
    ASP Hosting (Application Service Providing) makes it possible for you the customer to utilize applications via an Internet access (for example, the Managing Solution VEWA 5.0 of GRÜN Software AG), which are centrally operated on servers in the data processing center of GRÜN Business Services.
  • Managed Web-Hosting
    GRÜN Business Services further offers web hosting of web sites for organizations and companies with special optimization for GRÜN eVEWA.
  • Managed Housing
    As an additional service we offer our customers the opportunity to operate the customer’s own server hardware inside a housing in our data processing center. As a direct result, maintenance work and support are carried out by employees within our company and server availability is guaranteed via data link to our data processing center.
  • Our Own Data Processing Center
    The GRÜN group operates its own data processing center in Aachen. Customers who have opted for Managed IT- Hosting or Housing services in our company profit substantially from the modern and security-oriented features of our data processing center.

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