GRÜN VEWA6 Classic

The Basic Package of our Solution – The Core Software

The classic package of our solution puts the basic software tools at your disposal which all further applications of GRÜN VEWA6 build upon.

First, GRÜN VEWA6 Classic comprises the new interface attuned to your processes using ribbon bar functionality, the On-Site Data Manager for intuitive data handling and the integrated VEWAText text processor.

The most important Classic components are the technical GRÜN VEWA6 Managers, with which almost every requirement of the customer or from the standard model can be integrated by simply installing it into the software, without losing the update capability of the Classic version.

In this way, data base structures can be changed using the Structure Manager. Using the Mask Manager, software interfaces and masks can be created and changed. The process-oriented configuration of menu items is controlled via the Menu Manager. Pint outputs and various software processes are controlled via the Print Manager and the Script Manager. Through its own script language on the basis of the three supported data bases – MySQL, MS-SQL or Oracle – it’s even possible to implement almost every special requirement. Finally, the Communications Manager controls the communication with the outside world via exporting and importing, OLE, WebServices, and more.

Due to the wide range of possibilities with the GRÜN VEWA6 Managers we optionally offer comprehensive services regarding the installation of the software via Managers (customizing).

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